We use Trados translation memory solutions to provide quick, efficient and error free work. We can provide translations in virtually any field.

IT / Telecom
Applications, system software, multimedia, information and telecommunication equipment, etc

Patent specifications (IT, manufacturing techniques, materials, biology, etc.), intermediate procedures/patent litigation, etc.

Accounting, legal work, training texts, e-Learning, standards, IR materials, marketing, etc.

Science / Technology
Manufacturing techniques, energy, environment, nano-technology, materials, frontier fields, etc.

Semiconductors, semiconductor materials, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and semiconductor test equipment

Automobiles, auto parts (engine drive trains, electric components, environment, safety, communications), etc.

Life Sciences
Medical, pharmaceutical, chemistry, biotechnology, biology, drug manufacturing, medical equipment, veterinary medicines, agricultural chemicals, etc.

Banking, bonds, financial services, nonlife insurance, life insurance, etc.

Legal Contracts
Various types of contracts (license agreements, confidentiality agreements, sales agreements, etc.), legal proceedings, etc