To successfully launch and sell your product on the international markets, you need to localize it, i.e. adapt it to the language and language standards, local legislation, cultural habits and conditions of the specific local market, which may be required by local legislation or your customer’s needs.

We offer a complete localization solution including full translation, technical processing (software engineering) and testing of your software or web application, its online help files and printed documentation including DTP graphic processing.

Documentation Localization
We offer complete translation and graphic processing (DTP) of your documentation created using FrameMaker, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Corel, Photoshop and other applications and adapt it to the target language’s standards and technical requirements. As there are many tools doesnot support Arabic, we updated our own plugin which enaple us to handle Arabic content using FramMaker, PageMaker and QuarkXpress. Contact us for any samples or references.


Software localization

We offer localization of software product, so that users can interact with the product in their own language, read and understand all interface components and easily enter information with all accented characters using the local keyboard layout, while ensuring exactly the same functionality as in the original application and compatibility with local operating systems or hardware. The localized product then fully respects local date, time and currency formats, the sort order, separators, numbers, colors, icons, etc.


Online help localization

We also offer localization of online help in HLP or CHM formats, created from HTML or RTF files, or from DTP applications (e.g. FrameMaker) using RoboHelp or similar tools.


Appliances and devices localization

We offer localization of your electronic appliances and devices for all sorts of fields (medical devices, machinery, office and telecommunication technologies). We can localize commands, menus and other texts that appear on the device’s display and also complete documentation, with respect to all local regulations and standards.


Website and multimedia application localization

We allow you to address customers anywhere in the world and to offer your products in the global marketplace. We can translate your static or dynamic web pages using HTML, SGML, XML, CGI, PHP, ASP or Flash technology and adapt their content to the local environment and conventions. We can also translate and assemble your multimedia or e-learning applications containing animated or dynamic objects, graphics, audio and video recordings or commentaries


Localization of graphics

Some of the elements of a user interface, website or manual may be in the form of image files, screenshots, buttons, icons etc. which may need to be localized so that the instructions are comprehensible. We can localize such graphics using graphic applications and tools.